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Africa Special Needs Education Network

Africa Special Needs Education Network (ASNEN) – a coalition that champions and supports inclusivity of children, young adults and persons with special needs in education & lifespan issues; especially those with disabilities. ASNEN is on a mission of providing African home grown model that provides knowledge, information, capacity building and advocacy and support required for inclusion. The network incorporates shared experiences, response and best practice on a continental contextualized model of inclusion.
ASNEN is a vibrant coalition dedicated to championing and supporting the inclusivity of children, young adults, and individuals with special needs, especially those with disabilities, in all aspects of education and lifespan issues. Our mission is to create a homegrown African model that provides the knowledge, information, capacity building, advocacy, and support needed to ensure true inclusion for everyone. We developed a Caregivers facilitator's Manual, currently developing a prototype curriculum for university level
ASNEN envisions an Africa where inclusivity is woven into the fabric of society, inspired by the core values of UBUNTU. We aspire to be the catalyst for transformation, driving a future where compassion, reciprocity, and dignity are the cornerstones of education and support. We see a continent where our shared experiences and expertise culminate in a seamless, context-specific model of inclusion. Together, we are committed to realizing a brighter, more inclusive Africa, where every person's potential is celebrated, and no one is left behind.

What We Do?

Caregiver Training

Equipping caregivers with essential skills and knowledge for grassroots support.

Inclusive Education Model

Promoting inclusive education based on the UBUNTU philosophy.

Early Intervention

Ensuring timely identification and intervention for children with disabilities.

Social Inclusion

Advocating for the respect and protection of individuals with disabilities.

Disability Awareness

Raising awareness and sensitizing communities about disabilities.

Public-Private Partnerships

Facilitating collaborations to advance inclusive education.









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3rd Ubuntu Conference

The conference will look into the trends, practices, and models of inclusion practiced in Africa.

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2nd Ubuntu Conference

Inclusion in Early Childhood Development

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Erick Omondi

Creative Designer

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Are you passionate about creating a more inclusive Africa? Do you believe in the power of UBUNTU to drive positive change? Here's your opportunity to make a real impact! The Africa Special Needs Education Network (ASNEN) is calling for dedicated volunteers to join us in our mission of championing inclusivity for children, young adults, and individuals with special needs.

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